Ropewalk (Building 58)

The Ropewalk is a granite structure which extends nearly a full block inside the fence on Chelsea Street. In this quarter-mile long space, ropes for the Navy in World War II were spun. Today the building is slated to be redeveloped for 90 apartments and a small museum. The BRA has designated Frontier Enterprises, Inc. to develop the building; expected occupancy of some units is in spring 2017.     

Relevant Documents

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Illustrated newspaper article on redevelopment, 20 May 2016

Project Change Notice

Changes in number of units and museum size, 10 Mar 2016

Project Notification

Developer's submission to the BRA, 30 Apr 2014

Letter of Intent

Developer's initial redevelopment plan, 18 Jun 2013

Ropewalk Tour

Report by Michael Parker, Aug 2005