Mission Statement


The Friends of the Charlestown Navy Yard (FCNY) is an independent, nonprofit, community-based organization which seeks to:

  • Improve the quality of life for residents of and visitors to the Charlestown Navy Yard (CNY)
  • Promote responsible development in the CNY consistent with the historical character of the CNY and its National Historic Landmark Designation
  • Maintain the CNY, with its unique historical sites and public waterfront access, as a destination for residents of and visitors to Boston
  • Work with other community-based organizations on issues of common concern and issues of importance to Charlestown residents
  • Foster a productive working relationship between CNY residents and businesses located in the CNY and elsewhere in Charlestown and the surrounding area.

The FCNY will seek to accomplish these goals by:

  • Providing a forum for residents of the CNY to discuss issues related to the CNY, including but not limited to development, use of open space, traffic, parking, transportation and the provision of government services
  • Communicating the concerns of CNY residents to the Charlestown Neighborhood Council, other appropriate city and state agencies and elected officials and other Charlestown community organizations
  • Actively participating in the review of proposed development projects in the CNY, including participation in public hearings by, and providing written comments to, appropriate regulatory agencies
  • Monitoring and seeking to enforce commitment made to the CNY by developers, government agencies and others
  • Developing proposals for open space, facilities and programs to enhance the destination value of the CNY by serving significant community needs, attracting a broad and diverse range of people, and providing innovative amenities for public use, and seeking funding and sponsorship for such proposals
  • Maintaining ongoing voter registration and “get out the vote” programs in order to provide CNY residents with an effective voice on local and state issues.