Charlestown Marina Community Meeting

June 10, 2017

FCNY was asked by Ann Lagasse to share the following letter sent to meeting attendees regarding American Cruise Lines and the Charlestown Marina.

Hello All

Thank you for attending last night’s meeting. We appreciate your comments and heard your concerns. We have made these changes to the logistics regarding American Cruise Lines (ACL). Also, ACL has changed their arrival time to Charlestown Marina (CM) to 5am and their departure time will remain the same at 1pm for the next trip on June 10th. After last night’s meeting, we want to trial this change.
All ACL vehicles – motor coaches, small delivery trucks, etc. – will do drop off and/or pick up at the northern end of Pier 8
ACL will use 33-person motor coaches for dropping off/pick up
ACL will stage motor coaches at bus stop at 3rd Avenue and CM employees will radio the coach when ready to proceed to CM
ACL will not be provisioning at CM so no large delivery trucks will be at CM – smaller delivery trucks, such as Seafood/Lobster truck, will be allowed
ACL and CM will store luggage on Pier 8 at a defined luggage storage area
ACL will keep lights off when arriving at CM and keep noise to a minimum when docked at CM
CM and ACL will work to reposition the vessel on the dock – such as stern to and/or move vessel down the dock

In addition, we want to recap some of our operational procedures:
All deliveries to CM Pier 8 will occur between 8am – 8pm.
CM has quiet hours which are defined on our marina contracts.
CM does terminate contracts if a marine guest does not adhere to our marina rules and regulations.
CM has posted our after-hours security number at the Marina Office.

Please feel free to stop in the Marina Office whenever you have concerns or questions. Our Marina Office is open daily from 8am – 6pm. We want to keep an open dialogue with all our neighbors and we want to hear from you. We are always looking to improve our operations so to ensure that our marina is an asset to the neighborhood.

Ann Lagasse – Owner
Kevin Lussier – Regional Manager
Chris Giroux – Dock Master

Charlestown Marina
1 Pier 8 – 13 th Street
Charlestown, MA 02129
T 617-242-2020
F 617-242-5296