Building 149 New Access Protocol

February 15, 2018

Massachusetts General Hospital 
Department of Police, Security and Outside Services 
February 13, 2018 
Dear Charlestown Navy Yard Community, 

While the MGH Police and Security Department is always looking to adapt, and enhance its security measures, we also want to be good CNY neighbors. We hope this document will provide some insight on the mission at hand and how it may affect you. 

We are currently in the process of upgrading the access control to Building 149. Turnstiles will be installed in the east lobby which will allow for efficient access control enabling security officers to provide better customer service and more effectively manage the exceptions (those who need temporary access, visitors, etc.). 

Additionally, the turnstiles can be more effective than visual access control by officers because the turnstile electronically processes the badge and prevents someone entering whose badge has been deactivated. Simply stated, the turnstiles will ensure that everyone entering has proper access and if a person does not, the officers will be better able to vet the person and their legitimate business. The ones being installed are similar to the MBTA turnstiles. 

We work diligently to ensure the safety and security of all our staff, patients, visitors, and property, and the benefits of this new access control system along with enhanced technologies will benefit all. 

Beginning in March 2018 we will be securing the west lobby exterior doors (see map below) 24/7. Although MGH/IHP employees will have access, all others who need access must enter the building through the east lobby (see map below). 

In Summary: 

As with any innovation, there will be a learning curve that could have an impact throughout the implementation process, and to mitigate any issues/concerns that may arise, we intend to have staff available to assist as necessary. 

Again, we greatly appreciate the communities continued support. If you should have questions or concerns, please contact: Rebecca Coburn Bassi, Sr. Manager, MGH Police and Security at [email protected]

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