One Charlestown Public Meeting

November 9, 2016
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Harvard-Kent Elementary School, Cafeteria, 50 Bunker Hill Street, Charlestown, MA

We received the following from Ed McGuire, Boston Planning and Development Authority (formerly BRA):

Due to requests by some of the residents this will not be an open house formatted meeting. It will be a town hall formatted meeting.

This meeting will focus on the Article 80 process, discuss general themes within the comments that I have received thus far, and then it will be open to the public comments and questions.
Again, following the conclusion of this comment period. All comment letters from the community and city agencies will be reviewed and utilized to create a Scoping document.

This Scoping document is then issued to the proponent, and it is then their responsibility to responded with additional information via an Article 80 Filing known as Draft Project Impact Report (“DPIR”)

As a part of their DPIR filing, the development team will be required to study the massing, traffic, environmental impacts, etc in depth as well as respond to the community concerns.

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