Victory at Laast? Parades and Pink Slips

Saturday, August 29, 2020 at 1 PM – 2:30 PM
Online Event
Join rangers from three local parks for the symposium “Victory at Last? Parades and Pink Slips.” Speakers from Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park, the National Parks of Boston, and Lowell National Historical Park will explore 1945 as an economic, a social, and a military/political transition from war to peace. What was this year’s impact on workers involved in the defense industry, now quickly restructuring itself? This broad transition showed differing faces depending on location, industry, and worker identity.
The topics of the four presentations and the presenters will be as follows:
“Patriotism or Prejudice?: Discrimination at the Charlestown Navy Yard”
Megan Woods of the National Parks of Boston
“Femmes and Homes: French-Canadian Women in RI and Post-WWII Housing”
with Allison Meyette of Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park
“Women at War, at Home: Lowell During World War II”
with Allison Horrocks of Lowell National Historical Park
“Boston Female Shipbuilders, Post-War”
with Polly Kienle of Boston National Historical Park, a unit of the National Parks of Boston
After the short presentations the moderator will lead the speakers in a group discussion. Audience comments and questions will be welcome.
This program is open and free to the public.
Access to the program is available via the following WebEx link: