Activation of the Charlestown Navy Yard Waterfront

Dear Friends & Neighbors,

Many of you attended the Boston Planning & Development Agency’s (“BPDA”) meeting on December 12th at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital to hear from proponents looking to collaborate with the City to activate the Charlestown Navy Yard waterfront and watersheet.

As explained at the meeting, the BPDA is seeking activities that promote the public’s use and enjoyment of the waterfront and watersheet – especially in unique and creative ways and during off-peak hours – and attract a diverse audience to engage and interact with the water. Proponents were given time to present their proposals and interested parties were told that they could submit public comments by December 31st. Some proposals went beyond the scope of the BPDA’s RFP and because they would qualify as economic development proposals, will not be contemplated as part of this process. Such proposals would be considered in an entirely different permitting and public process separate and apart from the waterfront and watersheet activation process now taking place.

The BPDA has agreed to extend the comment period until January 11, 2019. If you have thoughts and ideas about the activation process, we encourage you to submit them to the BPDA. To learn more about the proposals and contact information for comments access the BPDA website